Changes are coming.   OpenAI Whisper and Tesseract are changing the way we work.

The ResCarta Toolkit is adapting.  Watch us for updates.

The ResCarta Foundation is Celebrating Twenty Years Of Service to the Archiving Community


You asked for Video Objects, IIIF image APIs, HTML5 audio for IOS, and Easy access for a large array of users.

Version 7.0.5 download is ready for you

The ResCarta Toolkit Version 7.0.5 is here!

With integrated One-Click Tesseract  (OCR), Metadata spell checker, and Automatic Audio Transcription (AAT)

This version of the toolkit supports multiple languages in an object, custom notes and  ALTO storage of textural metadata.

This version supports Search ALL, Custom fields, Sub-Collections and faceted browsing in ResCarta Web.

This Open Source Toolkit can be used to create archive audio files with full transcriptions.

A new Audio Transcription Editor allows for correction of the raw audio transcriptions.

The ResCarta-Web application supports full text search of audio and text objects.

Become the institutional repository champion,

Archive City Directories, thesis and papers,

Allow full text searches of oral histories,

Publish your yearbooks to the web,

With no Hassle, Fun to use apps!


















The Need for ResCarta®

For over a decade, organizations have created systems and developed divergent guidelines for converting source material to digital format. While many of these guidelines have worked well in individual instances, the cost of creating collections is high and the sharing of digital collections has suffered due to a lack of a standard.

Digital image collections, whether in libraries, archives, corporations, non-profits, or any number of organizations, are too often encumbered by a multitude of competing standards and technologies. Collections may contain a number of file formats, naming conventions and metadata structures that require unique or proprietary software to catalog, search and view.

Open Source Answers

The ResCarta Foundation, a non-profit organization, was founded to encourage the development of a single set of open community standards and open source implementations of those standards.

Our goal is to create, through collaboration, digital content production standards and open source applications that allow users to access disparate digital collections in a simple, user friendly process, leading to interoperability.

Talk to Us

This website is a place for ResCarta members to present standards, discuss standards, comment on standards and ultimately agree to the standards. It is also a place to discuss and present open source software implementations of these standards as we move towards the goal of true interoperability.

Partner with us as we continue to refine ResCarta standards or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have questions about our goals or the ResCarta standards.