ResCarta® Toolkit: ResCarta Metadata Creation Tool

The ResCarta Metadata Creation Tool creates object metadata (information about your objects that's stored with them in a digital format). Any new, digitized object that you create for inclusion in your digital collection needs object metadata in order to be organized and discovered.

The ResCarta Metadata Creation Tool includes several forms for metadata input, based on the varied types of digital objects. All metadata information you enter is stored in standard Library of Congress METS- and MODS-formatted XML files.  Photographic objects with original EXIF metadata have EXIF harvested automatically. Audio objects have  technical metadata stored in Library of Congress audioMD.  Video objects have technical metadata stored in NARA reVTMD standard.

The information entered into the various fields in the screens of this tool are converted to MODS xml format.

Your metadata is stored in a common, open and standard format.

 Screenshot of the Metadata Creation tool