Windows7 with i7 processor gives error "The handle is invalid." while converting data.

When running systems with multiple core processors and lots of memory, you may have to tune your system for best performance by controlling the memory allocated to the Data Conversion tool in the "C:\Program Files\RcTools-3.0.#\bin\RcDct.l4j.ini" file  and the number of cores allowed by .RcTools\config\ file in the users home directory.

If you encounter a "The handle is invalid" "error during processing, open the file and edit the number of cores from "0" to 2. See the line "org.rescarta.dct.maxThreads=0" and change this to "org.rescarta.dct.maxThreads=2".  Remove the directory that the Data conversion tool created in your RCDATA01 directory with any number of files that may have completed.  Restart the Data Conversion tool.

You should notice a reduction in speed of conversion but the conversion should complete.

To regain use of multiple cores, increase your system ram allowed in the "C:\Program Files\RcTools-3.0.#\bin\RcDct.l4j.ini" file.  Change the default "-Xmx1G" to  80% of your available memory.  So if you have 8gigs of ram change this to "-Xmx6G"  or six gigabytes.  Then increase the number of cores from "2" above until you can consistently process your data.

There is a dance that takes place during conversion between the processors and the number of files in a directory and the limit of usable memory.  In the  image below you can see two resulting RCDATA01 directories.  The one on the left used Six cores and Six gigs of ram while the one on the right used two cores and one gig of ram.  See the difference in the times of creation of the directories?  Six cores took 16 minutes while the two cores took 26 minutes to process the same raw data.


core error screen shot

ResCarta tools version 3.0.1 and above ship with a one gigabyte memory setting and the system core setting at "0" .  This works best for lower powered machines but can cause problems with more powerful systems.

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