When I attempt to install the ResCarta Toolkit from the Windows .EXE file, I get a BOING!# sound and then nothing?

We have had this reported on certain newer Windows XP systems with more than 2 gigabytes of ram.  The work around is to install from the .JAR file.  Just download the ResCarta toolkit jar installer and double click like you would the exe file.

We have yet to determine the culprit.   We can have the same version, service pack, and updates on two similar but not exact hardware systems and see the BOING!# on one and not the other.  Hopefully we can resolve this shortly.


NOTE: It has been determined  that the Java virtual machine is taking more memory that it can use. Machines with 2 gigabytes of ram on Windows XP will take 1638 megabytes of ram for the JVM.  Any machine running Windows XP with more than 2 gigabytes of ram will exceed the XP JVM limit of 1650 megabytes.   We have corrected this problem in version 2.2.1.