Broadcast Wave Format (BWF) 

Broadcast Wave format or BWF is a standard format that can be created without royalty payments and has the featured needed to add required metadata.  It is the format used for radio and television production.  

The ResCarta Toolkit can create BWF format from common WAV formatted files.   The Data Conversion Tool will embed metadata made by the Metadata Creation tool  into the aXML chunk according to the Broadcast Wave Specifications.  Transcription data created by ResCarta Toolkit's unique one click Automatic Audio Transcription (AAT) is stored within the BWF file along with the location of each word similar to the way Optical Character Recognition (OCR) data is stored in textural materials.

Files created by the ResCarta Toolkit can be validated using the BWF MetaEdit from Library of Congress and audio visual working group of the Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative (FADGI)

Audio resolutions are currently supported up to 96khz 24bit Stereo by the Data Conversion Tool.