The ResCarta Foundation has long planned to support audio archiving. This last year, after discussions with Library of Congress staff and others, we decided to forge ahead with the adoption of the Broadcast Wave format for archiving audio content.  We had planned to implement audio in three stages.

  • Stage one: add support for audio to the toolkit using Broadcast Wave as the archive format with metadata embedded into the aXML chunk.
  • Stage two: add support for audio transcription creation to the Data Conversion tool.
  • Stage three: To provide for full text indexing, search and locate to the ResCarta-Web application.

Rather than bore you with the details of development, we should cut to the chase and announce that we have done it and that it is on our downloads page or pick up a copy at the American Library Association meeting in Seattle, WA.

Anyone interested in storing news reports, oral histories, class lectures, pod casts or baby's first words should definitely check out the ResCarta Toolkit Version 4.0 when it is released.