We have been busy here at the foundation to the point of not keeping you informed.  How lame IS that?

We just got back from the Wisconsin Library Association conference in La Crosse where we gave attendees a sneak peek at our soon to be released VERSION 4.0 toolkit.

What's coming in the next major release?  AUDIO!

That's right, we are building a tool to allow you to create AUDIO ARCHIVES.  We have based the storage on the industry standard Broadcast WAV file or BWF.   The Metadata Creation tool and the Data conversion tool will embed the information as aXML into the BWF.  The Data conversion tool will also have a transcription function built into it.  So just as we allow for full text searching in TEXT we  will support full text searching in AUDIO.

Like the Textural Metadata Editor the toolkit will come with an Audio Transcription Editor to allow you to clean up or add a transcription.

Our ResCarta-Web will support AUDIO playback from open OGG format on Firefox, Chrome, IE and Opera. Oh Yeah!, you can use your Android phones and pads too.  Take that to the bank.

Take a peek at YOUTUBE if you want to see what's coming.


Release date is planned for ALA-Midwinter in Seattle.  Be on the lookout for oral history buffs going crazy...