Rescarta to the Rescue!

We were recently forwarded a note from Fullerton Union High School in Fullerton California.  They have created a collection of student newspapers that includes over 1400 issues and spans nearly a hundred years of student life.

The collection is running on the school's intranet and soon to be hosted to the world. Here is their story...


I just got a call from the principal's secretary looking for information about the Golden Bell Awards won by our school.  We have received nine and they could only come up with eight in the office. 

I searched the ResCarta database and found the one they had missed.  The actual bell for the award isn't
even in the office, but I found a reference to it within five minutes.  Every issue opened up and had the words highlighted.

It is so helpful and useful.


If you have news to share with us, we will be glad to post it.