A small bump in the road was quickly resolved. On a recent Monday morning the technical staff of Bacon Memorial District Library loaded a ResCarta CD to their server.  Following instructions they pointed their data location to a collection of Wyandotte City directories.  It worked great!   In-house, that is. 

When trying to view the collection from outside the library, the staff could not connect to the collection. A quick email to info at ResCarta.org was sent out explaining the problem. 

ResCarta support called the staff asking about the installation.  It was "right out of the box" and running just fine within the confines of the library building.   "Looks like a problem with the firewall not allowing access to the 8080 port", was the answer. Apache Tomcat uses port 8080 by default.

A call to Bacon's local network support had the collection on its way to patrons within minutes.  

Just goes to show, you don't need to spend weeks of precious time and thousands of dollars to have a first-class, full text searchable digital collection for your patrons.