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In keeping up with the fad of newscasters world wide, the Foundation would like to tease you into keeping an eye on our progress.

Have documents scanned but unable to search them due to lack of Optical Character conversion?  After the break we will tell you more about the new OCR implementation within the ResCarta Toolkit.

Crowd sourcing corrections to existing documents is the HOT new thing.  After the break we will tell more about crowd sourced correction capabilities.

Now that you have converted your casssette tapes to full text searchable ORAL Historites using the AAT feature of the ResCarta Data Conversion tool, how are you going to deal with those pesky VCR tapes of talking heads? Learn more after the break.

And now for the commercial break...

If you would like to see more improvements and enhancements over the next year, find your check books and help us out.  Just like WIKIPEDIA, ZOTERO, and LINUX the ResCarta Toolkit is made by people who need your support. Our programmers are dedicated to making your digital archiving projects a walk in the park.  For over ten years the Foundation has supported you, now it's your turn.