The ResCarta Foundation, Inc.  is a not for profit corporation.  The board of directors are...


Associate Professor Paul Conway - University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Paul Conway is associate professor in the University of Michigan School of Information and has worked with Yale University and Duke University Universities after starting his career at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library. See more

Associate Professor David Mindel - University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

David Mindel specializes in Digital Conversion (Digitization) of Cultural Heritage materials, Digital Preservation, Color Management, Digital Content Management, Digital Photography, Digital Image Manipulation. See more


John Sarnowski - Retired Systems Analyst.

John Sarnowski has over 30 years experience in building digital collections. He was responsible for creating millions of digital objects for learned societies, libraries and major corporations as the director of Imaging Products at Northern Micrographics. Projects included "The Making of America" , JSTOR, and Historic Pittsburgh.