Audio Transcription Editor

ResCarta® Toolkit: ResCarta Audio Transcription Editor

The ResCarta Audio Transcription Editor adds, edits, or deletes textual metadata (searchable words that are stored within the audio object) to Broadcast Wave archive formatted objects. Objects that have been created using the "Transcribe Audio" switch on the ResCarta Data Conversion Tool may require the use of the ResCarta Audio Transcription Editor to correct errors in the transcript output.

This tool can also be used to add search terms to audio objects that have NOT been transcribed by the
ResCarta Data Conversion Tool. These search terms can be found using the full text search bar and selecting "Body Text" in ResCartaWeb.

The ResCarta Audio Transcription Editor has an integrated spell checker which highlights misspelled words and can offer corrections. (See image below.)



Kaltura Video Upload Tool

ResCartatm Toolkit: Kaltura Video Upload Tool

The ResCarta Kaltura Video Upload Tool allows video objects in a ResCarta Collection to be uploaded automatically to a Kalturatm multimedia server. The tool will open a communication channel with your  Kaltura multimedia server, login with your administrative key, originate uploads of video object content and enter the corresponding Kaltura video identifier key into the Collection Level Metadata of your ResCarta archive.