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Here you will find commonly asked questions of the ResCarta support team...


 We have suggested using Oracle (previously Sun Microsystems) JAVA for many years, but recent events has changed our thinking.

Oracle will no longer provide free continuing support (updates) for OpenJDK LTS versions at

AdoptOpenJDK does provide support at

AdoptOpenJDK is now distributing OpenJDK msi installers. The installers will optionally updated the PATH and JAVA_HOME. We recommend removing Oralcle JAVA with the operating system supported method and installing OpenJDK 11 LTS.  Version 7.0.2 of the ResCarta Toolkit supports OpenJDK 11.

AdoptOpenJDK is also providing updates to OpenJDK 8.

The most asked question concerns the use of 32bit JAVA on a 64bit machine.  It you are using a 64bit operating system, download the 64bit JAVA from Oracle.  The current url for JAVA 8 from Oracle is.   

Take care not to update to unsupported versions of 9, or 10

For those running "ix" operating systems ...

$ sudo apt-get install openjdk-11-jdk


$ su -c "yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk"


During the installation of the ResCarta Toolkit you will see that the installer selects 32bit or 64bit options based on your installed JAVA. If you run 32bit JAVA on a 64bit machine you will get poor performance and have access to only one gigabyte of memory.

Most ResCarta problems over the years involve early untested releases of JAVA by Oracle. See the history of releases at wikipedia.  If you see a release date within a day or two of another release date, chances are you will be experiencing some malfunction.  We advise updating JAVA only if you need to do so for some known reason.




Seeing Double

I know my data is good but when I copied it from my work area the collection manager does not recognize it as valid data. What could be wrong?

Sometimes while coping using a drag and drop method your mouse may have been a bit off the mark when you dropped your data.  Look for the occurence of another RCDATA01 directory under your top-level RCDATA01 directory.  It might look like  C:\mydata\RCDATA01\myinstid\RCDATA01\myinstid\myaggreg\00000516 

You might have just dropped the RCDATA01 into a lower directory. Since the collection manager looks up and down the tree for valid ResCarta data formats it can be confused by multiple top level names. 

IIS installation

Will ResCartaWeb interfere with my IIS installation?

 No, ResCartaWeb runs under the Apache Tomcat server, so there is required interaction with IIS.

 You can, however, use tomcat as a service which is called from IIS.  This will allow you to forgo the dreaded default 8080 address. Using IIS as a front end to your tomcat will also allow the use of WindowsR authentication if needed.

Tomcat Version

What version of Tomcat and JRE should I install?


We have tested ResCartaWeb with JRE 1.4.2 thru 1.5 and have tested Tomcat 5.02 thru 6.0. We would always recommend downloading the latest release version of both Apache Tomcat and Sun's JRE when installing this software on your server. 



What should I use for my institutional Identifier?

The institutional identifier is used to keep the digital objects created by your institution gathered in a known branch of a data tree.  You should take care when first using the METADATA CREATION TOOL.  We suggest you use the Library of Congress Marc identifier for your organization padded to eight characters.  So, for the ResCarta Foundation, we can lookup the code at the library of Congress site and find that the normalized listing might be wionrfi. Since this is seven characters long we can pad it out to be wionrfi0, by placing a single zero at the end.