Symbolic links

How do I create a website where I use portions of several different data stores?  I have three different RCDATA01 datastores on my windows machine and want to use just a portion of each datastore.

The answer is easy.  Use the windows mklink to create another datastore with only portions of the other datastores.

The implementation is a little less easy but not that difficult.

Step one: Create a new RCDATA01 directory somewhere on your machine.

C:\> Mkdir NewData

C:\> cd NewData

C:\NewData> Mkdir RCDATA01

C:\NewData> cd RCDATA01

Step two: Create links to some existing directories in the new datastore

C:\NewData\RCDATA01> mklink /J fpc00000 C:\Users\ResCarta\Desktop\ResCarta-Sample\RCDATA01\fpc00000

C:\NewData\RCDATA01> mklink /J wionrfi0 D:\RCDATA01\wionrfi0

or to use just one institution's data

C:\NewData\RCDATA01> mkdir wecv0000

C:\NewData\RCDATA01> cd wecv0000

C:\NewData\RCDATA01\wecv0000> mklink /J 20121211 C:\ResCarta-Sample\RCDATA01\wecv0000\20121211

C:\NewData\RCDATA01\wecv0000> mklink /J 20130108 C:\ResCarta-Sample\RCDATA01\wecv0000\20130108

Step three: Start your Collection manager and open C:\NewData\RCDATA01\

Create your collections and add what ever items you may like.

Save the Collection metadata and close the Collecion manager

Step four: Start your indexer and create an index in C:\NewData\RCDATA01\

Step five: Add a new ResCarta-Web application to your web server and point its data source to C:\NewData\RCDATA01\


Yes, Virginia, you can do this with Linux and OSX as well using symbolic links.