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The INDUS WAY has been deeply rooted over the past 26 years of business and is engrained in the way we operate on a day-to-day basis.


Made in the USA Book Scanner 9000 - for books, periodicals and fragile documents

Scanning or copying pages from a book has always been an unwieldy task that risks damage to the book, with less than satisfactory results. Unlike typical flatbed scanners and copiers, the Book Scanner 9000 doesn't require the book to be turned over. Instead, it scans from overhead, protecting the book binding and at the same time producing high quality color, grayscale and black and white images.

Large Scan Area, scan a book as large as 18 inches high x 28 inches wide when open, or a flat document of the same size. Books can be as thick as 4 inches and yet the Book Scanner 9000 delivers flat, distortion free images.